Sunday, 1 July 2007

Happy Scrapping!!

Well another long time since posting!!! oops ... I'm not very good at this am I lol.....

But I have been scrapping so I feel quite chuffed with myself!!..... I never won the DT for pencil Lines - No real suprises there though ... but I was pleased I entered and it actually sparkes me to do lots of scrapping ..... I have received my GoGo kit this month (gorgeous once again)..... and also my scrapping Angels one (very loud and scary ... but actually very usable) ....

I completed the scrapping the secret workshop through June ... which was brilliant and I loved doing it. I bought a 12x6 Album for this and although I have completed the LO's for it I have lots more pages that I could complete for the prompts so I want to do some more LO's for the various prompts .... we had to focus on the things we are grateful for, we needed to ask for things in our life that we wanted and we then had to believe it would come to pass...... It has made for a really good look at things and I have enjoyed doing the LO's ....

I am now about to start a new workshop/ prompt inspiration on "scrapdollys" blog .... and it is entitled "All my own work" ... and is to focus on our jobs .... so I have made a mini book made of matchbooks which will fold out for each week for me to complete the prompt LO's. Unfortunately the batteries in my camera have gone so I cannot upload a piicie of the album yet .... but I will do ....

So what else have I been doing .... I have mostly been working to be honest .... and tonight I ended up chilling in front of the TV and falling asleep for a couple of hours ........ but I obviously needed it! I was intending to finish a LO for a blog challenge but I didn't get a chance to finish it!!!

Anyway I am off to check out the Pencil lines drawing for this week and if I get enough inspiration I will complete it or just chill out in bed and watch One Foot in The Grave... I am addicted to this at the moment!!!!

Catch u all soon.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Have you missed me!!!!

Ok i am hanging my head in shame!! I am fine just Lazy!!!! There you go I said it!!

But I am back .......... So whats been happening!!!

Well I have actually been scrapping SHOCK!!!!!!! I know .... I am taking tablets for it ..... but I am really enjoying just playing and I have completed several layouts ... ..

I started the month by starting Scrap the Secret which I am really enjoying ... we are in to week 2 and here are my LO's for the 2 weeks .....
I have decided to do the LO's in 12 x 6 and have bought myself a nice new album that I will keep all the LO's and class details on ...... really enjoying these ... I may do a coupld more for each weeks topic but I am just trying to keep up each week at the moment!

Reasons to be grateful : 1) for my parents who have done a fine job bringing me up and also for the nurses and doctors who keep them alive as they both have cancer 2) My desk- well more my job .... sometimes I think I forget to be grateful for the job I have and the fact it actually pays for my stash buying habit ... and more importantly my home!!! 3) My friends - this includes my village friends as well as those back home and those I have met online!! ..... Reasons to be grateful 1,2,3!!!!

The next challenge was about a thing or place or person that helps keep us happy and therefore positive .... One of mine is Colchester Zoo ... I just love going there even at 34 years old with no kids!!!! I love the fact I can feed the animals and see various wildlife that I would never see otherwise ..... plus seeing as I have been going there since I was a child ... I think there is an element that brings the child back out in me!!

I have also completed a LO for the Pencil Lines design team entry (which I must send in ASAP and may I also say as much as I like it ... I don't think is good enough!!) But I need to take a better piccie of it and also choose 2 other layouts to send in .... but not sure which ones to send at the moment!! Anyway here is my effort!!

As you can see it isn't a great piccie but I will try and take a better one tomorrow .... Entitled ... How many do you love me .... The journaling reads:

"I always ask you how many do you love me and you always answer with a random number, this day I didn't have to ask!"

The grass was waist height when he strimmed both the back and front lawn ... which needs cutting yet again!!

So onto my final LO to upload for you at the moment .... I love this one and it is my favourite LO I have done for a while ... its all about how I try and analyse everything and everyone to try and prepare myself for any impending doom or problem ... rather than just enjoying the journey the tag says!!
So what else have I been up to???? well mum came out of hospital about 3 weeks ago and is now back in again for the 3rd time since coming out as she has yet another infection ... but I spoke with her tonight and she seems to be fairly upbeat so I will call her again tomorrow ... but I am working in the pub for 4 shifts this week (well needed extra pennies!!!) so I will just have to wait and see how mum is getting on and then I may have to take a trip down to see her when I get a chance next week.....
Well I am off to do a bit of sewing on yet another LO and then off to bed ..... I promise to keep a little bit more up to date .....
Catch u all soon
PS thank you all for your good wishes on my last post ... you will all get used to me ... I am rarely positive ... but I am trying my best!!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

I hate being a grown up!

Why does life have to be so complicated at times .... I have one side of my friends saying one thing and the others saying something else .... I am sick of the whole thing ...... I hate having to rely on instinct to sort things out .... I have now told them to sort out all there own mess I want leaving alone and then I will judge everything on how they all treat me ... thats the most important thing!!!

Anyway mum is still in hospital and she it seams that she is just waiting for her blood levels to rise and she is having to hav platelets every couple of days ... but her spirits are good and she seems positive in herself .... So its just a case of waiting and seeing.....

Good news though the SIS (scrap in style TV) has now been launched and it looks really good and I had good fun looking there today and there is only 2 days til I go to Boltom Make-it show and i am meeting up with a few other boobies!! (my UKS team) so I looking forward to that.....

Not managed any scrapping this week although I have a good idea for my planner for a retreat in November ... (I am not normally that organised) ... I found a mini book I made at Bonanza last year...

Oh and another retreat planned for May next year.... its for "LIPSTICK" and it is to be held in stanstead ... its quite expensive but it looks to be worth the cost with lots of pampering....

I hate it when life feels so tough I get very tired and fed up and can't focus on anything ... not even on here .... but most things work out one way or the other ... my only hope is that it works out the way I want it to... if it does in the end then I will be extremly happy ... if it doesn't .... oh well!!

I know I am rambling but I can't really express it all here for lots of different reasons but I just wanted to let you all know that things are tough .... but I'll survive .... I always do!!

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Oops I Guess I Ought to Catch Up!!

Well I did say that I would be away for the weekend .... but I have been back a few days but not reported in!!

First things first ..... i was TAGGED by Jane last week so I need to address that first lol....

7 Things about me:

1) I am incredibly self concious but want to be center of attention (how does that work!!)

2) I am a fairly Lazy person (by my own addmission) ... I will do almost anything to get out of cooking/ ironing/ and anything I don't feel like doing!! ... funny enough there is always time for scrapping!!

3) My fave place in all the world is Colchester Zoo .. if you have never been then you need to go!!

4) I hate cheesecake!! YUCK YUCK YUCK!!

5) I love my bed ..... and love laying in it watching a DVD (comedy) and just chilling .... I can often be seen sat in bed scrapping of a weekend late at night !!

6) I have to buy things in sets or collections .... I am really anal about this .... If I buy a dvd then I need to get everything in the collection ... hence the complete sets of only fools/porridge/My family/ Inspector Morse/Friends..... The same goes for cosmetics ... I HAVE to use everything in the same range .......

7) I went to see Jack Dee live quite a few years ago ... and you can see me in the front row of the video.... but even if you can't you can hear my laugh all the way through .... those who have heard my laugh know what thats like!!

Ahhh so now I have to go tag...... (sorry guys another job for you ... but its actually quite fun!)


Carole (hysterical)





Jo Anne

Phew I found 7!!!

So now on to my hum drum lol

Spoke to mum tonight and she sounds really good and I could only stop her chatting cos the nurse came in to administer something or another!! So she seems really in good spirits ... I think she still has about 10 days on the "program" and then if her blood levels etc are stable then she will be sent home ... and will obviously have to go back to see if the transplant is successful!

Not been upto much else other than buying lots of stash .... a certain someone (you know who you are) has me hooked on Fancy pants so I have bought 2 lots of 12x12 stamp sets and also some papers and rub ons .....

Also I completed this LO with some of the remainder of my UKS Cyber crop mystery kit..... (Ok girkls here goes .... can I do this properly!!!)

Friday, 4 May 2007

Thank Crunchie Its Friday!!

Good evening all .... good news this week I have already put my name down for next years Scrapping Angels Retreat .... yes I do realise I have not even been back a week! So that something to look forward to!

Spoke to mum tonight sounds like she isn't doing too good ..... she has a swollen eye and they are not sure what is causing the problem ... they have given her antibiotics ... and now she has been for a scan on it tonight (so they are obviously fairly concerned)..... so we will have to wait and see ... but I will see her Sunday .... and I am also hoping to take the camera with me and visit St Pauls Cathedral while I am there!

Well you will not be hearing from for a few days .... so don't think that I have forgotten you or starting to slack already ... I just don't think I will have access to the internet for a few days!!

Jane has tagged me and I have to blog some bits but that will have to be next week now!... plus I need to find some others to tag aswell ... and I don't think I know that many other bloggers yet!!!

Hope you all have a great Mayday bank holiday weekend and catch up next week..... xx

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Christmas Baby Due!

Ok don't get exited its not mine!.... but I am going to be a proper auntie rather than by proxy! Big wow you might say but I only have one sister and who is over 40 and had been trying for a baby for a couple of years ... she had recently had IVF treatment and is now 2 months pregnant.... she has already been instructed to take piccies for the scrapbook pages!!.... She was actually asking my advice as to whether to tell my mum or not ... as many of you know mum is in hospital at the moment having just had a stem cell transplant for treatment of her cancer. Her concern was largely that there is still along way to go and she is worried that mum might be upset if anything happenend to it....... I said it might just give mum a bit of good news and that Donna should tell her the full story so as to prepare her now ..... so I am going to be a REAL AUNTIE ... all being well!

Month end accounts have been completed and tomorrow (being Friday) is my clear up day ... I get everything filed and paperwork sorted so I am hoping to have a good clearout in the office.

No scrapping done yet ... but Kane goes to my friends tomorrow (I am away in London at the weekend staying with Dad and visiting mum)so I will be able to have a nice chill out evening and can get some scrapping done ... all being well!!

Well thats it from me tonight ... I'm off to bed ... via UKS!!

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Month End!!!!!

Ok so I know the rest of you are starting the month but for me I am trying to get April month End accounts finished!!! Have done quite a bit and was hoping to get them finished today but I was continually interupted with little 5 minute jobs today... by the 1 person who had requested the accounts for today!! Thats what I call typical!

Anyway I have just finished eating a rather scrummy curry that I made earlier (with the help of Pataks!!) and thought I had best try at least to complete the first few days of blog entries before they fall completly by the wayside...... (I know what I am like... total procrastinator!!)

I am still on a high from the weekend ..... it was so fab to meet such great designers and I was completly awe struck ..... this may seem weird to them ... but for me its like meeting someone famous ... cos in the scrapping world they are!! I set myself a personal challenge this year that I wanted to scrap more layouts of me.... but complete more personal journallings about me (and I was urged on even more at the weekend .... so hence the blog!!) ... I actually find this easier to complete by way of altering a book .... and I have completed a couple already .... for some reason I find them slightly easier than LO's. To this end I signed for Shimelle's online glass when I grow up ..... but what with the cyber crop and retrea, it has a gone a bit by the wayside so I want to pick that back up this weekend and seeing as I will be spending most of Sunday and Monday at Barts with my mum.... I think I may just take some of it with me (plus a few scrapping tools) and I can sit and journal to my hearts content.....

I have also signed up for an online photography course and I got my first assignment today ..... GULP!!! we have to produce a portfolio of 4 pics (2 we would usually take and 2 that went wrong!!) plus we need to do a mini photo shoot and take some picccies of us (using the timer ..... ok I guess I need to get the book out!!) so I will also be having fun with my new camera ..... Seeing as Barts hospital is rather near St Pauls I think I may just tale the camera with me and have a bit of practice pointing and clicking!! I am rather nervous about the course now ... but at the end of the day its only online and hopefully I will learn something!!

Right thats all from me today .... I am going to finish a bit more boring accounting type stuff .... then off to start the notes for my "Mind Map" for JoAnn Te Raa's class on Sunday .... it was a superb class and I so want to finish it ...... I will upload when its done (if I can work out how to do that!!) Night all! xx